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Why Are Maglites World Class?  by Andrew Perkins

Maglite torches are picked by many security and police personnel as their torch of choice. Maglites are designed, patented and produced in the US, although some products contain components that are imported. The features of Maglites include but are not limited to, high strength, machined alloy aluminium shell, an anodised inside and out, which considerably improves corrosion resistance and durability, water and shock resistance, a high intensity beam, an adjustable spot to flood beam which can be adjusted from the base, quality rubber seals and balanced power and optics for better performance. A spare bulb can be stored in the tail cap, with the exception of the Mini Maglites. The Mini Maglite can easily be changed into a freestanding candle type light.

We shall now discuss in turn the Maglite 2D Cell, the LED 4D Cell, the Mini Maglite and Maglite Upgrades and accessories.

The Maglite 2D Cell torch is in fact the smallest of Maglite's range of D Cells, which is of course a benefit as it does not get caught in a belt loop as it is less cumbersome than a larger torch. Often police forces limit their staff to carrying 2D Cells. Each D Cell contains 2 intense krypton lamps for extensive brilliance and long range. These torches are strongly manufactured and produce an extremely high intensity beam.

Maglite's LED 4D Cell is their most advanced torch and the latest addition to their range. This is a top selling torch and is classic. Because this is one of Maglite's largest torches, it is ideal for auxiliary tasks such as putting through windows when necessary. Also the 4D is ideal for self-defence situations and almost all police personnel have knowledge of someone who has used a Maglite in this way. The LED version produces a more powerful beam than the standard 4D, while at the same time the battery life is extended, meaning that running costs are much lower.

The Mini Maglite is the perfect size for attaching to a belt or fitting into a pouch. This torch is about the same dimensions as a Surefire 6P, but available for a much lower cost. These little Maglites are dependable, reliable and have a solid finish.

Whilst discussing Maglites, it is also worth talking about Maglite LED Upgrades, which are a good investment. An official D Cell LED upgrade will adapt your torch by offering an amazingly bright beam that you need to see to believe. Battery life is improved by 10 fold and so this upgrade will pay for itself in no time at all. Also, you are still protected by your warranty as this is an official upgrade, unlike other upgrades available on the market.

There are many other upgrades and accessories that can be purchased for Maglites, including headbands, switches that fit onto the tail of the torch to turn it on and off with a push button, nylon and leather holsters, gun mounts, belt loops, coloured wand attachments as well as a fibre optic adapter and various clamps.

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