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LED Torches vs Traditional Torches

As is the case in many adventure films, torches always come in handy in emergency situations. A torch can become an important tool in your house in many cases. It can be helpful when the electricity supply is shut down, or can be used in hunting and camping activities, or used as a backup source of light in your car, or can be included in a disaster kit. Torches can be a life saver in many situations, and hence it is well worth having one of your own.

Traditional torches are usually composed of a light bulb and a torch case, and are powered by traditional batteries. They can be assembled with ease and are also very easy to use. Light bulbs used in traditional torches have a limited lifespan and always generate an unwanted high level of heat. In addition, the light can fade without any warning. More than that, light bulbs in traditional torches consume much more power than modern torches, hence causing the batteries to run out more quickly. You will need to keep a supply of batteries to ensure that a traditional flashlight will not run out at an inconvenient time.

LED torches (LED stands for light emitting diode) are a new form of flashlight technology. With the same number of batteries, LED torches can provide more light and can last at least 10X longer than traditional torches. In fact, some LED torches can be used for more than 100 hours before the batteries run dry. A LED torch doesn't have a high heat output and provides a constant level of light even if the batteries are running low.

The usage of LED torches are varied. They are usually used as a household item in case of emergency. People who live an adventurous life use them for hiking, hunting and camping. Police forces and firemen carry them along with their equipment and make them ready for use in any situation. Keychain LED torches make good gifts for your friends.

As of to date, there are many leading brands, including Surefire, Streamlight, Maglite, Inova, Petzl and Pelican. Some of them have many advanced features that you may not require for normal usage. So you need to learn more about each individual type in order to find a torch that best suits your needs before you buy.

With LED torches, you can ensure you get greater efficiency and effectiveness compared to traditional flashlights. They are reliable and durable, and will not break easily when accidentally dropped from a high place. Many organizations like the fire department and police department usually use LED flashlights as a matter of course. LED flashlights have definitely proved themselves to be more reliable compared to traditional flashlights.

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